Version Description
Date Version Description
07 January 2012 Added Wholesaler tab and Closing stocks status.
27 March 2012 Added a feature to email Sentbox reports to mail ID mentioned in the Reports tab.
28 March 2012 Added the special wholesaler Code feature to accept wholesaler codes with the keyword "HL" followed by existing wholesaler codes.
23 July 2012 Added QuickView feature for faster access to Orders
14 August 2012 Added Search feature for faster access to Orders and paging for Received, Sent, OnHold and Deleted Orders.
17 August 2012 Modal popup for report pages Incoming, Wholesalers and closing Stocks.
06 September 2012 Closing Stocks SMS format changed to "CLS <6digit-Dist code> <7-digit Amount> and accordinlgly Reports page modified.Option to delete Closing stock SMS.
07 February 2013 Put a check on dispatched quantities as it was allowing greater quantities and 0 quantities with no reason to be dispatched to customers.